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Agnes Cintya Litania Zhou born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2000. I came from a small family of dad, mom and big bro. Since a little kid, I always find myself in the bookshelves, playing with my parents’ book. No I can’t read at that time but I explore it by looking at pictures that are available inside.


those are the books I read when I was a little (it’s in Indonesian language)

I never bored to open one of those book daily every time I have nothing to do. When I don’t understand something, I will always ask my dad and he will always explain it to me.

English is not my first language so basically I know nothing about English. But cartoon makes me learn a lot. I love watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon also, all of the character use English. Then I move to Fox Movie. They have subtitle but I never looked at it. Even if I do, I do it because I don’t understand the word and that’s where I learn English.

Not only that, music also help me with learning. I don’t really listen to Indonesian music after the first time I heard Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. I look for that song and downloaded it. It was a really hard work because well, it’s not as sophisticated as now. But after I downloaded the song, I don’t search for the lyric, instead, I pull an empty book and write down what I hear, then, believe me or not, I compared the one I wrote with the one on the internet.

Trust me, that’s how I learn.


Whenever my mom will go outside the town, she always buy me small notes because she knows how much I love writing even though it’s just some random stuff that came into my mind. I tried to write using English and it turns out really bad after I read it now.


I think what I mean is ‘thing’ instead of ‘think’.


My English suck I know I really do but well, this one is worst. I can’t stop laughing when I read this one:


I think I’m falling too deep right now.

I know, I know. You may stop laughing now.

One day when I was looking at my parent’s bookshelves, I saw this book and I am so interested in it. With my 1% English, I started to reading it (mostly looking at the picture).



You may think: there is no way a little 7 year old girl would understand it but hey, I do. Every time I don’t understand about something, I will just write it down and search for it on the internet or ask my dad about it.

and that’s another way I learn English.

No I don’t go to practice or whatever because the teacher here suck. I self teaching myself. Pretty cool isn’t it?

I keep on writing and trying to talk in English language with my dad to polish it and I’m getting better and better each day.

I never know that I would be a what people call me writer until I connect all of the dots. I just realized (few month ago) that I got this hobby since I’m a little kid and now I’m 16 and I’m going to continue my hobby not to earn money but to entertain people and to be better in English because I’m still learning.

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With love,
Litania Zhou