Love. Just how powerful that word is. It can change someone’s life either in a good way or the complete opposite of good.

People change for love. People change to be loved. People are dying to find love. Yet they don’t know the meaning of it.

Some people said love is when you have that particular person by your side every time you need them. Some people said that love is when you ‘make love’. Some people said that love is when you feel comfortable around someone.

But hey,
I can call my mom and she will always be by my side every time I need her. I can ‘make love’ with some random people that I meet on the club. I feel comfortable around my best friend.

Love, is not always about you and your partner. Love can be family, friends, best friends, even enemy.

But for now, let’s just focus to you and your partner.

Many people nowadays change just to get ‘noticed’ by their crush (happens all the time in school and I used to be like that). At first you know that there is no chance for you to be noticed by him but thanks to movies and all the fiction, now you know how.

You started to ask his friends about ‘what type of girl he likes’ and when you got all the information you need, you do it on the weekend.

Do what?

Doing what they call ‘transformation’.

He likes feminine girl!
You start to wear short skirt and heels to the school.

He likes skinny girl!
You do your diet, exercise, you skip dinner.

He likes smart girl!
You study every night and day.

He likes cool kids!
You started smoking, go home late.

Now look in the mirror.

Who is that you see standing there with a nose piercing and a cigarette between her finger?

It’s a fictional character you made.

Does he notice you?

So what’s your next plan?
To be with him.

But then when you feel all confident about yourself, he got a girlfriend.

I heard he got a girlfriend?

Does she look like the type of girl he like?

What does she look like?
Me before I change.

You see, people desperately change for a person they think they ‘love’ but then regrets it when it’s too late.

Look around you!

You became blind with what you call ‘love‘ you don’t even notice that there is this one person that’s always be there for you! The person who doesn’t need you to change. The person who likes you for you. The person who never leaves you.

Honey, you are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t change for someone just so that they will notice you. Even if they fall in love with you, it’s not you who they’re falling for. It’s the fictional character you made for him.

You are not a game. Don’t let people control you.

Be yourself if they don’t like you it’s their problem.

Because love doesn’t care about your appearance but what’s inside your heart.



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© 2016 Litania Zhou


3 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. Chyfrin the Celtic poet says:

    Salve’-DePesch ~ The Temple of Flesh

    Shalott steps out of a mirror

    She hates this place
    mirrors everywhere
    And not a drop to . . .

    This mirror makes her look fat
    This one makes her lips look . . . poutty
    This is one of those that bends you everywhich way

    In this mirror she
    is comparing herself to others
    In this one she is always alone

    This one says
    Stay out of the Sun
    Men don’t make passes
    at girls who wear . . .”

    Shalott turns away

    “Start an exercise program
    Play sports
    Eat healthy food”

    This one says “Straighten up
    Smile and look straight ahead
    You’ll look and feel more confident”
    She tries it
    It doesn’t work

    Did you see that?
    Just as she turned
    she caught a glimpse . . .
    Something . . .
    someone was in one of the mirrors
    But when she looked right at it
    all she could see was herself

    She turns to walk down the hall
    and runs right into a mirror

    She thinks about it
    Extends her hand
    Closes her eyes and finds her way out


  2. Chyfrin the Celtic poet says:

    Ante Room of the Twelve Pathways

    Shalott is standing in front
    Of a broken mirror
    Her grand aunt’s broken mirror
    And she is holding the doll
    The bad doll that broke the mirror
    And now her Aunt is going to be mad
    Because this bad doll got mad
    and hit the mirror

    Aunt Alice comes into the attic
    and finds her there
    “Oh Shalott
    What happened?”
    “Are you mad at me Aunt Alice?”
    “How could I be mad at you child . . .”

    “This doll . . . she broke the mirror . . .”
    ”Child . . . don’t blame the doll
    It’s not her fault
    She is really a very good little doll . . .”

    “No she isn’t
    She breaks things . . .”
    Let her break things then
    Better she should break everything
    In the world
    Then you be angry at her
    She really is a very good doll”

    Shalott looks at the mirror
    And realizes that she can walk through it
    Pass through the cracks
    And she does . . .


  3. Chyfrin the Celtic poet says:

    The House of Distorted Mirrors

    She is lost
    In the house of mirrors
    And when
    After a time
    She grows silent
    She hears a voice

    “When you live on the edge
    You don’t run”

    She hesitates
    It says
    “Never trust the reflection
    Of a distorted mirror”

    “A mirror is not like water
    It will not ease your thirst”

    Then it says
    “When you walk in the Dark
    You must close your eyes
    And see with your hands . . .”

    She says
    “Why do you tell me this?”

    The answer came soft as shadow
    “I hunger for your company
    But would that you were happy
    So close your eyes
    And feel your way home . . .”

    She doesn’t hear him say

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