Coincidence [1/3]


was on the train this morning to go to work when I saw someone sitting next to me. I never actually put any attention of who is or what is happening around me (which is the reason when I was walking pass Rihanna on Hollywood walk of fame without even noticing her) because I’m way deep into my own world. Especially when I have my earphone on. But I don’t feel weird because I know that there are many people out there who is also like that.

Anyway, back to our story, so today is ‘different’ than any usual day because this is the first time I pay attention. Why? I don’t have my earphone on since I left it on my grandma’s house. He caught my attention because he was reading. Simple? yes but it’s my favorite book; Vampire Diaries.

I mean, I never actually see a guy reads. Not a thick novel. So there is only 2 possibilities: either he is a geek or he was born with sisters who love to reads novel. 

or maybe he just like to read. I don’t know.

So anyway, I ended up staring at the book’s cover without realizing that I get too carried away that now I am reading with him.

Until he cleared his throat.

That’s the moment that I’m snapped to the real world and actually try to mind my own business.

The train stop and without spending any second I lift my butt and leave. Immediately. Quickly. Rushing to the door, pushing all of those people while mumbling ‘sorry’, running outside the train station.

I swear that was the most embarrassing moment ever.

I tighten my grip on my Gucci bag and walk as if nothing happen after I took a deep breath.

“Maybe coffee will help.”

I turn my heel that is suppose to going right to left and stop on my favorite store ever: Starbucks.

After getting my order and taking a sip on it, for a second I thought that today couldn’t be any worst.

Hell I bump into someone.

and spill my hot coffee on that person’s white T-shirt.

and book.


I lift my head and curse myself under my breath.

That’s the guy from the train.

“I- I’m so sorry-” I take a bunch of tissue and start to wipe but I only making it worst because it leaves stain.

“It’s okay. I have another shirt on my bag.”

“Okay, uhm, but at least let me pay for the shirt…”

I thought he was going to say ‘no need’ but he easily say, “It’s $1,300”

My jaw drop to the floor, “Wha-” that is my 4 month rent?!

Then he started laughing. “Did you see your face?” I knit my eyebrows together, “I was just joking! Your face turned pale when I say the price.”

I feel my cheek heating up and I couldn’t help myself to take out my wallet from my purse, taking every single dollar out and put it on his hand, “Buy yourself new shirt or new girlfriend I don’t care.”

Roughly I push the door and step outside, leaving him standing there not moving. Still processing about what just happen.

I take a sip of whatever left inside my cup and throw it when it’s empty.

“He- Wait!”

But I don’t stop.

I never stop for anything before and I will never stop for anything.

I think I will do a little exercise this morning.

She started to brisk walking.


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© 2016 Litania Zhou


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