Some rumors about you started to spread around. You thought it was your biggest enemy when the truth is; it’s your lovely-favorite-friends.

You know chameleon? they’re so good at camouflage to hide themselves from the predator.

Fake friends are also like that. But they are more like parasite.

They get closer to you, take all information they can get then divulge it to the world to embarrass you.

Nope, unless you’re sensitive about your surroundings and you are good at seeing people, you’ll have a hard time to differentiate them.

Many people call almost all of the people they know (just know) as ‘friend’ and that happens to me also. But that’s a big mistake.

You can easily differentiate them with this:

  1. Real friends criticizes you (sometimes you’ll feel like they are mean but they’re telling you the truth) while fake friends will always tell you that you look nice even though there is bird nest on your head.
  2. Real friends don’t want to change you cause they like you because you are you while fake friends will change you because they don’t want to be seen in public with someone ugly.
  3. Real friends laugh at your flaws and shabbiness while fake friends will be disgusted by it.
  4. Real friends will be there for you whenever you need them (even though they’ll be mad at first) while fake friends has so many excuses to skip.
  5. Real friends leave you alone when you cry (after they comfort you) because they know that you need some times alone while fake friends are no where to be seen.
  6. Real friends will not feel awkward and feels like nothing just happens after a fight while it took days or weeks to be like ‘usual’ with fake friends.

Real friends will always be there for you from the bottom until you became someone, not like the fake one that only come on your celebrations.



Unless if you want to use it as a prompt please give a credit or just contact me on for business requirement.


© 2016 Litania Zhou


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