Ice Cream Girl


was cooking in the kitchen when I she walks in, carelessly throwing her bag on the floor then jump to the couch with a seriously not-in-the-mood face.

I’m tempted to shout at her for being ignorant but I know that she is not that kind of kid so there must be something up with her so I come to her that is now sitting with her phone.

I cleared my throat just to let her know that I’m beside her, “What’s wrong Lena? and don’t tell me that you’re fine cause you are absolutely not.”

She let out a sigh, “I don’t know mom…”

“What is it honey?” I run my finger on her back to calm her down, “You know you can always tell me everything right?”

“It’s about Jackson…”

“What’s with him?”

“He is going to LA next semester and I really don’t want to break this relationship… I really like him but it seems like long distance won’t work for us…”

“Oh sweetie there is always a way you know…” I swipe my thumb across her wet cheek.

She don’t reply immediately. Instead, she close her eyes before she look at me while asking, “How did you meet dad?”

“Hmm, it’s a long story…”

“I don’t have homework for tomorrow!”she answered quickly.

“Hmm okay then. Get the most comfortable position cause this is gonna be a long story” after she put a pillow on her lap, that’s when I start.

“I used to be really popular in school…”

“Hey Kalyn! sit with us!” says the guy with glasses and tissue on his nose while tapping the empty seat beside him, “I bought you your favorite Cookies & Cream ice cream!”

Talking about a perfect timing. “Uhm, no thank you Tom, maybe next time okay?” I said while secretly snatching the ice cream off from his table and walk away.

We went for our usual place that is they called the VIP’s because of it’s perfect spot which is near this giant window. Even though we only get the view of the parking lot, at least it’s better than looking at the same hallway you’ve been walking everyday all the time.

As I sit, I can feel a giant arm circled on my shoulder and when I realize that it’s Jim (thanks to his baseball jacket that he always wear) I rolled my eyes, “What do you want Jim?”

“Let’s hangout tonight. I have this ticket to-”


“-this expensive theatre- wait what?”

“I said no.”

“I haven’t even finish my sentence!”

“Wait… mom. Is it Jim… That Jimmy Griffin the hottest guy on this town that is now a business man and has his name spread across the world?!” she said while raising her tone.


Then she drop her jaw to the floor, “But why?!”

“You’ll know why” I winked at her before planning to continue but shut my mouth back again when she speaks again.

“Don’t tell me it’s because of your weird obsession of-”

Sshh you’re ruining my story.”

“I don’t need to hear everything Jimmy. You know that everyday, my answer will always be the same. Why don’t try to- give up?”

He let out a chuckle before making a serious face, “I won’t and I promise that I will make you fall in love with me one day. Trust me.” after he whisper to my ear, he waved at us and leave with his team.

In your dream” I mumbled to myself.


“Hmm?” I look up at my friends and stop licking the ice cream on my spoon because they are looking at e with that look again. I roll my eyes and groans, “Oh not again…”

“You reaallyyy need to stop” – Jennifer
“You should give him a chance! You know he has been looking after you since freshmen year!” he did? – Brooklyn
“plus, there is nothing wrong on dating the hottest guy in school! You’ll get a plus for that!” – Aubrey
“and the most popular” – Chrystal
“and richest” – Lenna
“You know how many girls throw themselves for him but he choose the girl who doesn’t want him at all which doesn’t make any sense” – Nichole

“Guys, stop. I’m not looking for fame and once I say I don’t want, means I don’t and nothing will ever change my opinion” I push my chair and walk out with my ice cream on my hand.

“Only because of ice cream are you serious?!” without turning back I already know that it’s Nichole because she likes Jim but he chooses me so she is jealous.

But I turn around because, “Don’t, freaking insult my ice cream. I know who will I fall for and until now I haven’t found a right guy.”

All of them are completely shut. No matter how much they are ‘brave’, they are not brave enough to push me when I’m mad which is I am now. I turn around with force and suddenly my eyes catches an angel.

My jaw drop and I can’t move. Those green eyes are so captivating I feels like everything aside from two of us is freezing and now the world is on silence I can hear my own heart beating.

and he is eating ice cream.

I know that there are so many guys who ate ice cream but I know that they did that just to get my attention but this one is different. He is still innocent.

I take two step back to get closer with my squad.

I point at him who has no clue that he is being talked. “Who is that? I never see him around.”

“Oh. New kids from Minnesota. He was in my class-” -Lenna

I cut her words before stand up and walking towards him, ‘I think I found the one. Let’s just hope’

“Hey you!” I shouted at him and he is sensitive enough to know that I’m not talking to either his friends.

“I like you.”


“What ice cream flavor do you like?” the moment I ask him that question, the whole cafeteria became quite. They all know that it’s a trick question. Some even holding their breath.

He knit his eyebreows together but before he can say anything I continue to push him to answer, “Just answer!”

“I like belgium-”

“Arrgh!” I turn around and stomp my feet to the ground. I can feel some people is letting a relieved sigh now.

“Wait-” he grab my hand to stop me from walking outside the cafeteria.

“What?” I ask coldly.

“That’s it?”

I look at him with a cold expression, “What else do you want then?”

He take a full spoon of the ice cream that he is holding and force it into my mouth.

My whole body stiffen the time it melts on my tongue.

It’s… delicious…

“Just because people doesn’t have the same taste like you do doesn’t mean you can’t be with them. You are just a coward. You taste one thing and love it only because you are too afraid to try new things and now you taste it right? New flavor? How is it? it’s also delicious right? So you can’t just walk up to people, tell them to like them and leave just because they have different taste with you and-”

I cut his words with my lips on his’

“…and that’s the story of how I met your dad.”

“That… is so cool! but- why him? I mean, you can just reject them like the other because he doesn’t like the same flavor that you like?”

“Yes. But he open my eyes. He is different from all of those boys who when I reject they give up. He make me learn new things and I just get the feeling that he is the one.”

She form her mouth to ‘o’ while nodding her head a few times.

“Now, if Jackson is going to different direction, then you guys should talk about it. Tell him how much you really like him. You can always meet him on the weekend.”

“Really?” both of her eyes shining which reminds me of myself the way I looked at Ray.

I nods.

“Thank you mom! you’re the best!” she hug me tightly and I couldn’t help but smile while tapping her head.

“Now who wants ice cream?”



Unless if you want to use it as a prompt please give a credit or just contact me on for business requirement.


© 2016 Litania Zhou


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