You and Me


I first saw you on September

I immediately imagine you and me together

Facing the world facing the future

Fighting all of the pressure


Then I saw you kissing him

and somehow it hurts my feeling

but all I can feel is I’m being ashamed

cause I don’t even know your name



I thought you guys are happy but I’m wrong

As his hand goes across your face

I realize that you’re just playing along

and I just want to put you in my embrace


But hey I’m just a spectator

I have no guts to talk to you because I’m stupid

I can only sit there pretends to be the celebrator

Cause I can do nothing but make myself wounded



Not all people in this world have the courage to talk and you just have to understand that because you don’t know why they’d live on. You may blame them for being a ‘pussy’ but you only making yourself look bad.

People tend to keep their feelings because they know that no one would understand. or maybe they think that if they will tell someone about it they will just make fun of ’em.

You can’t judge people. Don’t judge them for whatever they do cause it’s none of your business. Mind your own business and take care of yourself before you start putting your hands on people’s head. You’re not perfect enough to do that. We are human and there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ in this world.

People that has no courage to talk need someone whom they can trust. Someone who won’t let them down. Someone who will always be there for them no matter what.

Just like how me need friends.

For you who know the struggle:
It’s okay. You are totally fine. You just need time and that’s what gonna heal you. Not that easy but you can start with expressing your feeling to little things cause I believe, no matter how slow you go, you’re still on the race with them who’s laying on the couch.

Let us stop judging and start supporting each other.


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Unless if you want to use it as a prompt please give a credit or just contact me on for business requirement.



© 2016 Litania Zhou


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