There is a battle somewhere inside you.

One part of you want him but the other don’t.

Heart thinks he is the one but brain thinks he is a poison, he won’t kill you immediately but rather slowly.

You chose to throw your brain because you thought you want to follow what you feel right and right for you is to be with him.

Didn’t realize that you got in to his trap.

You give him all of you and he only gives you zero percent of him.

You’ve been played from day one but you’re too blind to see that.


Your eyes are covered with your false feelings.

Not that I say that you can’t trust your heart.

You can and sometimes you need to.

But don’t forget to bring your brain with you.

cause you thought he loves you when actually it’s only lusts.



Unless if you want to use it as a prompt please give a credit or just contact me on litaniazhou@gmail.com for business requirement.


© 2016 Litania Zhou


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