Just how many time have you killed someone?

No? No or what, you don’t remember killing someone?

When I say the word ‘kill’ your brain think about the basic definition for kill which is causing death to a living or an act of killing. I’m not saying that you’re wrong but you are wrong if you think that that is the only definition of kill.

Admit it you have done at least one this thing:
1. Judge other
2. Bully a person
3. Talk bad about others
4. Back stabbed a person

Have you ever think that this ‘little action’ of yours can also kill people?

You might not hurt them physically because you don’t even touch them but you might’ve killed someone mentally.

You don’t know what people are thinking because you’re not the one who get to think that you’re not enough.

You don’t know what they feel because you’re not in their position where they need to hear all of those wicked words that came out from your mouth.

You don’t know what happen inside their house because you’re not the one who got beaten each time you arrived at home.

You don’t know what they’re gonna do next because you’re not the one who thinks that it’s better to die than to live in this world full of hatred.

What if it’s you in their position?

Would you be able to hold your thought and be okay just like what they are showing you everyday?

Would you be able to keep your head high when every stare feels like a stab on your heart?

Would you be able to go back to school or wherever it is where they are around?

Would you be able to stay alive when people around you discriminate or bully you?

You don’t know them. You don’t know what happen where eyes can’t see. You don’t know how does it feels to stitch your wound in your heart every single day.

Stop judging people.
It’s hard I know but at least try not to.

Stop bullying a person.
What did they do to deserve a hate?

Stop talking bad about others.
It’s different than telling someone about your feelings toward someone. Talking bad means you tap about their flaws, compare them to yours or you just wanted to make your friends to hate them.

Stop backstabbing a person.
If you hate a person, say it in front of them. Don’t make a giant whole to trap them because that’s exactly what happens when you backstabbed them.


If you want to do something, think of it as if it is you in their shoes. What will be your feeling if someone did that to you. If you won’t be happy because of the act, then don’t do it to another person because we are all human. We deserve peace and happiness.


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Unless if you want to use it as a prompt please give a credit or just contact me on for business requirement.


© 2016 Litania Zhou


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