Is it love or is it lust?

Just like a scattered dust

I can feel it on my heart’s crust

It feels the same like a wanderlust

He said he loves me

Then he get on his knee

Putting my heart on guarantee

I’ll never let you down Marie

Day one day two I’m still survived

Day three day four I’m getting tired

Day five day six I try to retired

Day seven and I escaped


There are two kind of abuse in marriage: physical and emotional. Physical abuse are easier to define because there is a prove to sue the abuser rather than emotional.

There are also guys (or even girls) that after marry they still go out to ‘explore’ another woman.

Cheat, abuse, divorce, anything can happen in a marriage and outsiders won’t even realized about it until the victim told them.

But it’s not an easy task do.


After abusing, mostly the abuser will threaten the victim that if they will tell anyone about then they will do something scary.

And that make the victim terrified.

Girls, if you were abused, if you just don’t feel that the relationship is ‘right’ then you need to be brave enough to tell people.

Yes, it is not that easy as it say but if you try, possibilities can happen.

Tell your closest one that you trust.

If you can’t manage to, take a picture of any bruises and write it down then show it to the police. Send, share, anything that can make that bastard go to the jail cause he deserve it.


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Unless if you want to use it as a prompt please give a credit or just contact me on litaniazhou@gmail.com for business requirement.


© 2016 Litania Zhou


One thought on “ABUSIVE

  1. hjwb45 says:

    You are so correct Litania, there are two types of abuse. Physical and emotional. The emotional abuse is subtle. it eats away at a persons sense of self, demoralizing self-confidence, demolishing identity. 😥

    Liked by 1 person

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