to End this

My heart is broken and so is the sky, cracking like it never did before letting a darkish-grey color to hide the sun. Slowly the rain start pouring down to the ground as it is on my head, letting my whole body being swallowed by the rain just so that no one can see my tears because it faded with the falling water.

I close my eyes and hope to die.

living will only give me a burden‘ I said.

What do I live for if everyone I love will eventually leave.

They promise to always stay but the next second they are gone.

Everything that they said is nothing but a bunch of crap.

Sweet things that came out from their mouth is only to get attention.

He is never serious about anything and I should’ve known that he want me for something.

I’m not those popular girls who wear cheerleader’s short skirt to school just to impress other guy, it’s like giving boys an invitation to the hotel.

I’m not those smart ass girl who get A+ in class.

I’m not pretty and I am literally no one.

No one cares about me and no one ever did.

But you give me hope that someone might actually care about me.

But hey, I’m just stupid aren’t I?

I thought you were serious but you are actually not.

I thought I can trust you but you ended up letting me down like the others.

I want to kill you but I choose not to.


Because I want you to be happy and that’s why I’m going to end mine instead.



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