Ever heard of that?

Oh it might even sounds familiar to you


Why do people love to fuck with someone’s head?

Don’t you have your own brain to be ‘fuck’ with?

Ever heard of all of the ‘promises’ and ‘sweet talk’ that your fucking ex gave you?

Ever think where it leads you?

To a fucking shallow end call ‘break up’



What a perfect escape.

Now that you blame timezone, ever think about the words you sent me?

Oh don’t let timezone get the best of us


Us you said?



But more importantly, how can I be so stupid to fucking trust you.

You are just- I don’t know.

Too much curse words sorry.

But that’s just how my feeling is right now.

Scramble with all of the emotions.

I  won’t let my tears out.

At least not for you the guy who lift me up and throw me to the deepest hell.

Thank you for ‘knitting’ back my heart to remind me how it feels to be loved.

And thank you for ripping it back ope to remind me that love like that only exsist on a fairy tale.

With love,



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One thought on “FEELING #5

  1. hjwb45 says:

    Litania, the word bullshit is appropriate when it come to those words of “love” So many people use them to elevate our sense of acceptance, to make us feel as if someone in this world, feels deeply for us. In a second they can plunge us into ” the deepest hell.” 😦

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