Don’t Look Back

It was two o’clock in the morning when there is a knock on the front door which startled Ruby who is laying own on the pile of papers scatter on the floor.

She knit her eyebrows together while grabbing her red sweater that she got for her birthday last year, ‘I don’t remember ordering a pizza?’ she thought, ‘well if it really is a pizza, then I will gladly accept it‘.

Living on an apartment alone teach her to ‘before open the door to anyone first you need to peek’ because she doesn’t want to ended up like her neighbor who die for not being careful.

Especially when it is already 2 o’clock in the morning I mean, who visiting at this hour?

Well unless it’s Debbie because she always go here if she get drunk or anything‘ but even if it’s Debbie, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a baseball bat before unlocking the door because she didn’t see anyone standing in front of her door.

I don’t want it to be like when I open the door because I saw no one on the little hole on the door and suddenly someone grab me from my left, putting a cloth on my mouth to prevent me from breathing and I ended up unconscious because that cloth technique really are working (I’ve tried it once to Debbie to surprise her for her birthdayand ended up being kidnapped by a guy who will mutilate me to die‘.

Ugh I should stop thinking so much. Perks of being a writer‘ she thought while rolling her eyes.

Cracking the door open, she stick out her head, peeking to the left and right to see no one there. Quickly she close the door and lock it. A shiver running down her spine.

I must be imagining it‘ after putting back the baseball bat behind the door, she walk to the kitchen. Her footstep filling the room. She never like the thought of turning on the loud music because it never helps her to write and she got a due which is a week from now and she can’t think of an ending. Her editor keeps on pushing her to the deadline which is the reason why she is still wide awake in early time like this.

The phone rings make her to jump a little because of the sudden ‘noise’ in the middle of silence. Tapping the green button, she put her phone on her ears while pinned it with her shoulder because she wants to drink.

“H-” she cleared her throat, “Hello?”

Getting a zero answer, she take a look again of the caller ID.

unknown number.

“Hello??” she said again, louder this time but still no answer so she immediately cut the line.

‘what the heck?’

Finishing her drink, her phone suddenly rings again which scared her so she accidentally drop her phone to the floor.

“Shit” she bend to take her phone and her focus is to the screen that is now cracked a little “Dammit” she said while tapping the green button.

No sound. Just the sound of a breathing living human.

For 5 seconds she wait but no one speaks so she tap the red button again.

Jesus this is starting to freaking me out‘ and all of the sudden she feels cold when in fact she is already using a sweater.

What now?’

Feeling like something is not true, she called Debbie.

No answer.

She must be sleeping and I must be imagining things.‘ she said while walking to the AC’s remote control which is at the corner of the room and shrink when she saw the temperature.

16? I never even turn this thing on??’

Her phone vibrates and now she drop the remote. Deciding to ignore the remote for a second, she looks at the caller ID and it’s the one that has been calling her for 2 times now. But the person isn’t calling her but face timing her.

Taking a hella deep breath, she force herself to accept the call.

There she saw a girl with messy hair’s back, using a black short and red sweater.

Before she can even scream, a hard thing hit her medulla oblongata part.

It was her baseball bat.

How can I never think about this possibilities? This is even better than a cloth‘ and everything went dark.


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