He is mine

Oh God he look so fine

The touch of his skin sending shiver down my spine

Thought of him keeps on filling my mind


James Willwerth

Just how crazy can a name turn you on


Now it goes out of hand

Cause you just don’t understand

I am fine to be your one night stand

As long as you bring me to the dreamland


Who is she?

What could it be?

Did you see what I see?

Wait a minute, isn’t that Marie?


Your eyes are all sparkling when you are looking at her

Acting like a child around her

Trying to get her attention

I can feel the tension


Are you in love?

I’m sure it’s not a true love

You will get bored and come back to me

and beg to make love to me


It has been one week and it’s getting stronger

I feel like I’m in danger

How can it be her?

I should have get rid of her sooner



I walk to school wearing white even though I know that I am suppose to wear black. Everyone seems to be so sad. But hey, I wore make up for you today. I dressed up for you. For our night. To celebrate us. I do this to remind you that you are mine and only me who can have you. We can make this happen, you and me together until the end of time. You love me I know it but you haven’t realize it yet but it’s okay. I’m here to remind you how much you love me. I can already see our future together and anyone who will get in my way shall be punished.

He seems to be out of his thought so I lead him. I pull him to the woods and begin to strip him.

He is mine.

Putting my lips gently on his’ being all patient waiting for him to respond on my kiss and when he did, I know that this is right.

You with me and I’m with you.

This is how it suppose to be from the beginning.

You and me together.


Pulling the knife from my back pocket I lay him down. He is all hard right now. and he is hard for me.

There, she stab him for fifty times and still can’t get enough of it. Pulling his body to the van, she enjoy the rest of him for herself.

“This way, no one can ever bother us anymore. Don’t worry, you are with me now and I will never leave you.

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