Dark skin, white skin, black hair, blonde, tall, short, fat, skinny, healthy, sick, popular, geek, sophomore, junior, long hair, short hair, red lips, pink lips, pimple, clean, rich, poor, smart, lazy, swag, loner, happy, sad, those are just some things that builds up life.


So many obstacles, so many up and down.


You work hard for yourself or you told someone to work for you.

You give life or people give it to you.


There are so many thing in this life that we had not yet discovered. Good or bad, thats just what build the life it self.

People either love or hate this life, thinking that they are the only one who is having a problem or they are the only one who can enjoy life.

Why living in this world when you have anything you need?

Why living in this world when you can’t get anything right?

Differences everywhere and that’s just life.

There is no such thing as ‘straight’ in this one and only life of ours. Every road has it own destination and where are you?

If you are there to regret what you have or what you can’t have then when will you move on?

You can’t just stay there forever don’t you want to explore things?

There are so many good things out there and so does bad things everything is just depends on how you see things, how you choose to be bad or good.

No one tells you what to do because this is your life and you live for it. Don’t let anyone control you just because you think that you are weak and they are strong.

Everybody is equal. Fat or skinny, black or white, no matter what race are you, we still have the same bone and we are here for one reason: ‘to complete each other‘.

You can’t be here without your parents. They can’t be here without your grandparents and so on.

We are here for something. We are here for a reason. Everything in this life happen for a reason so don’t waste what you have right now and live in freedom.

because you are a bird. you already have your wings. all you do is to flap it and fly away to the sky.


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6 thoughts on “EQUALITY

  1. soulfood101blog says:

    This was amazing. You nailed it on the head. It isn’t a straight road, isn’t about what you have, look like, or don’t. We can’t sit in one spot. It’s a choice, be thankful or not. I’ll hush now lol but this was great!

    Liked by 1 person

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