Rain always reminds me of you. Of your tanned skin when you took off your shirt for me when actually in the end it never stop us from getting soaked.

Do you remember?
Probably not because maybe now you have a better life than anyone could ever have. or just me.

So the story start that summer when I went to this suck summer camp (don’t judge me I never agree on going there but my parents force me to and I am so upset about that because my sister are free wherever she wanted to go. Yep my parents were never fair). I was really in the straight bad mood for the first day until I saw this cute guy.

Crush on the first sight?

Anyway, for the whole week I became a really good spectator (I went to his room once just to sniff his shirt but that doesn’t count as stalking… isn’t it…?). But anyway, we got to know each other when they team us up, God bless that camp, and we need to run circle the island by pair and God knows what happen.

He is not a talkative guy and I totally get it but HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME HIS NAME which he didn’t and that is just- I don’t know.

The whole running thingy, he never run ahead of me even though I know that I run so slow. I know that he was actually wanted to run faster because hell look at those muscle, he don’t even feel tired while I think I’m about to fall unconscious soon. He probably are used to this kind of stuff.

A week run faster than what I thought it would be and it probably because I spend my day and night stalk- I mean -spectating him.

When I’m arrive at my hometown, my days became a little bit empty. I didn’t realize that I am actually kinda enjoy the camp thanks to that guy Blake but at least I get a hope that there are still hot guy that are single out there.

Talking about single, I hope he isn’t gay I mean… Hot and single? I mean… yea

Okay stop. Overthink kills you.

Apparently, luck Gods are not on my side on that day. Rain fell hard to the ground and my parents are nowhere to be found.

Really? Now my own parents forgot that they have ‘another’ child?

So I stand under this shop’s small roof while praying for whoever it is that will help me cross the road by kindly lend me their umbrella but hey, it’s New York and there is no such thing as ‘caring about other people’ here.

and there he is.

A person run toward my way and decided to stand beside me. That person is seriously took so many space and now I need to sacrifice my precious bag.

I took a peek and my eyes widen in shock.

No no no I must be hallucinating. This kind of thing only happen in novel. Nope, absolutely not.

I took another glance and shit he is looking at me.


“Yea, you are the girl from- the camp right?”

Blake? I mean, yes?” shit shit shit now he must be thinking that I am suck a stalker or something.

“I didn’t know that you live here too.”

because we never actually talk, “Yep, shockers.

I actually didn’t mean to put it on sarcastic way but my mouth. Yep. Blame my mouth that make him apologize.

but at least now I know why he won’t talk much.

“I’m sorry I don’t talk much during the camp, I was forced to go there and I am mad so in return, I don’t want to interact with people that much” he explains.

“Well, we have the same reason then” I said, smiling while giving him my hand for a handshake, “Eleanor.”

“Cool name. I’m Blake nice to meet you Eleanor.”

I nods.

“So, I was actually planning on crossing the road and I think you are here because of the same reason?”


He look up to the grey sky and suddenly unbutton his shirt.

My face. Thank God it’s dark already if not- God he will see my unattractive face when I’m red as a tomato.

Like literally.

He TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT and put it above my head and say, “Let’s go hurry! It’s red light now!”

We ran while laughing along the way. No matter how he try, it still took 10 seconds for us to get to the other side of the road and even in that amount of time, it’s enough to make us both soaked.

and I am completely fine with all of my clothes wet because of the rain. He make 10 seconds of my life run slower than ever and I think I’m already falling for him.

But that’s just pretty much is. A taxi finally notice us and he told me to go first because he will just waited for the bus.

The disappointing part is he did not ask me for my number I mean, I can, but hey, I’m a girl. Not just an ordinary girl. I’m New Yorker girl. We don’t ‘ask’ for guy’s number, they are the one who is suppose to ‘try to get our attention’.

So now I’m here, sitting by the window on my one and only favorite coffee shop in town, Starbucks, yes I am basic, while it is raining outside and I can’t stop myself from thinking about him.

How he shake his head because his hair is all wet, how he put his wet shirt back on and thanks to that shirt I can clearly see his muscle, God he really is a masterpiece.

Then everything just happen as fast as my eyes blinking.

The door swings open and the tall person with a board shoulder and a white shirt caught my attention.

It’s him.


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