Do you ever get upset about something and somehow that something lead you to a depression and by that you got sick?


yea I know.

He,  is the one who destroy the way I’m thinking and make me upset without knowing it.

So it’s all just like my fault now right? exactly.

I guess the way you think can also affect your health.

But yea, I can’t blame him for this.

When you love someone, you just gotta let go of them and accept the fact that you are not his source of happiness.

If they love you, they will fight for you.

If they don’t, then you are just not,

Don’t force it, don’t force yourself.

Move on.


Because all you need to do is wait. One day, I promise you, you will find your someone that worth your love. The one who will love you back as much as you love your favorite food or band or anything.


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