So today I learn an important lesson dedicated to my friend Christo who accidentally left (forgets) his phone and my portable charger in the cab earlier this day but somehow remembers to take off the garbage that I put under the seat.


We tend to forget about every little things that we have like for example; the reason why you love someone.

You love, you fight, then you got bored.

See how it is?

When you love someone, you fight for them with all you’ve got. You fight for them, you show them how much they meant for you and how much you are serious about being in relationship with them. Telling them that you love them, you will never leave them blablabla all of those sweet-talk stuff but yea at that time, you mean it.

Then you got them under your spell. They fall for you and at that moment you feel like you are the luckiest person in the entire galaxy. You give them everything you got just like what you’ve said for the vow.

Now that you got them in your palm, you don’t need to work anymore because you already got what you need but then you starting to get bored. You work for something and now you achieve them. You feel like you should do something else, something more passionate, something that can make you feel young, something that can make you feel young.

You move on.

Leaving all of your ‘old’ achievement behind, you starting to hunt for deer that has a lot more flesh than what you had.

“What’s in the past stays in the past” you said when you were packing your bag, ready to leave.

She was crying, begging you to stay, telling you that she will give you everything but you just won’t listen. You leave like you have no regrets of doing that.

Then you get someone better that your ex.

Tall, blonde, cheer captain, playing hard to get, exactly what you want.

Again, you fight for her, capture her heart and every fame that she had. You are now no longer living under the shadow but you are showered by the spotlight.

But then, getting everything that you want easily without actually working for it, you started to feel bored again.

You get everything you wished for without working for it and you lose the passion.

There, you saw her, your ex, on the middle of the library, reading a book so peacefully and innocent, that moment, you realize that you missed her.

You walk towards her but stop when you saw that guy.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her passionately. You saw her smiling and thats when you realize that you got no chance.

You see the way she looked at him, and you understand that there is no more room for you because that is exactly the look that she gave to you when you successfully put her under your spell.

Then you remember why you fall for her in the first place.

You love looking at her. How beautiful she was when you first saw her sitting by the window while reading a book, just how perfectly her dark hair fell on her shoulder, her captivating hazel eyes, her soft little lips and her cherry cheek, you want to make her to fall for you because you fell for her first.

Regret always came right after you realize that she is the one. Reminding you about how stupid you are to let go of someone that nearly perfect as her.

But that’s just us human isn’t it?

We tend to forget little things when the truth is those little thing matter the most.


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