So, here how it works:
1. You read the story & understand the problem
2. You choose between ‘Relationship or Friendship’
3. Comment your answer to be included in this post (don’t forget to explain it just like the answers that people gave me) – Don’t forget to write your first and last name!

You’re welcome.

Yep, here we go:

You like one person and you starting to feel strange whenever he is around. Like you got a butterflies in your belly or even the zoo at the same time. But the problem is, that person is your best friend. Both of you are really close, so close that people believes that you two are dating.

Well actually, you are not their ‘only’ best friend. They treats everyone the same. You think that you have a connection with them when actually they didn’t look at you that way. For them, your are just ‘another friend’ and you don’t realize it. You think that you are his #1 choose because they always texted you when they need help when the truth is, you are not the only one who got his text.

They might never see you as an opposite sex and you won’t even notice it because you are so deep in love that you actually become blind.

But you can’t hold your feelings. One day you need to be honest but you are just too afraid of ruining the friendship for an uncertain relationship. What if they didn’t want to be friend with you anymore? You don’t even know if they like you or not.


Will you tell them that you like them and sacrifice the friendship (if he will putting a distance between you two because that happen a lot), or keep the feeling for yourself and bury it deep inside you even though it will ended up hurting you back?



  • Clara Lontoh: Friendship. You’ll destroy everything if you’re in a relationship (no offense).”
  • Sarah Wullur: Friendship. Ex-lover does exist but ex-bestfriend don’t.”
  • Gavrila Mambu: Friendship. EVERLASTING is another word for friendship.”
  • Belina Pangemanan: “Relationship. At least you already told him what is your feeling toward him. That’s the time you will see if he is a gentleman or nah.”
  • Febyna Sukma: “Friendship. The best relationships start off as friendships, then, losing a friend is more painful than losing a romantic relationship.”
  • Queen Tombeng: Friendship. Both can hurt you so much and cheer you up again like nothing ever happen before. But them best friends are always worth than anything else.”
  • Irene Moniaga: Friendship. For me, friendship is one of the most important reason to live my life.”
  • Vanessa Litau: Relationship. Just tell him what is your feeling toward him all this time and the rest is up to him whether he will accept or not :)”
  • Kevin Nugroho: Relationship. For me it is better to the her that you like her than just keeping it to yourself. If you tell her and she does like you back then you can have all the relationship that you like with her. If she doesn’t, then what is the point of holding onto something that is not even there, well at least you confess, and if you keeping it to yourself, it will hurt you even more.”
  • Cheslyn Thenderan: Friendship. For me friendship worths more than a thousand butterflies that love creates. Love is useless.”
  • Clarissa Suprijanto: “Friendship. For me, relationship may end up any time but best friends will last forever. but who knows if he is the one for your future if not, you and him are still best friend, there is nothing you lose.”
  • Sharon Rantung: None, for me I will not sacrifice both because ‘giving up’ is not in my vocabulary :p, giving up on anything you love is definitely not easy, But in the end if I have to choose between that, I will sacrifice relationship, at least you will still be his best friend, because best friend is one of true relationship between one people with another people isn’t it? and maybe, who knows if later on it will became more than just a best friend?”
  • Michelle Muntuuntu: BOTH. I will sacrifice both -.-“, he just used me, texted me when he needed help, but never understand my feeling. Better to find another person than to keep my feeling inside. What a waste if I know that he doesn’t like me and I keep on having a feeling for him.”




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  1. kiran says:

    kiran : “Friendship”
    A passionate relationship may seem to dominate one’s mind, friendship may be more steady and constant. Besides, a group of supportive friends can add much happiness and sense of belonging that cannot be found in a relationship alone.

    Liked by 1 person

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