SUPPORT ME by becoming a PATRON!I miss him

I miss his voice

I miss his sweet talk

I miss our late night call

I miss his whisper good night

I miss how he made me feel special

I miss how he talked about his friends

I miss talking to him about random thing

I miss his annoyed face when I mimicking him

I miss how he protest about how my mood swings work

I miss his sleepy face when we called early in the morning

I miss the way he called me by my nickname that he gave me

I miss how he stand by me even when I’m PMSing. he never leave

I miss when he said ‘I love you’ even though I know he is just joking

I miss how he actually care and spoils me more than anyone has ever done

I miss how he fight for this tough relationship by sacrificing his time for me

I miss how he actually wake up earlier than he is suppose to be just to call me

I miss how patient he is facing my mood swings without leaving me even once (jk)

I miss how he never gets tired of asking how is my day even though he know I hate it

I miss how we call without any topic to talk about and we just stare at each others and laugh

I miss how we talked about marriage; where will the wedding be held, honeymoon place, how much kids we want




It’s funny how I actually miss him missing me and that a big problem for now cause you only know that he is an important person in your life when they are gone.




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