This story is inspired by my beloved math teacher, sir J’s love-life story.


Holding her dad’s arm, she whisper “Dad… Please don’t let me fall…” while slowly walking down the aisle.

The time she turn to see the love of her life waiting on the other side of the carpet she is standing on right now, her heart stop.

This is it. 

She take a quick glance of her dad who is holding her arm tightly.

I will no longer live in the same house with my parents.

Her eyes goes to the kids on the bench that is waving at her.

I am no more a kid.

She can see her mom is wiping a tears that fell on her face.

I won’t be take care of but now I will take care of my life alone.

Then she met his gaze. The man she cares about and loves. The kind of man who is tough but soft inside. The man who never leave when she push him away, he came back and now we’re here.


Video on the LCD plays.

“I, have no interest at her at first” the guy on the video say as the girl who is sitting beside him rolled her eyes.

“He doesn’t have a good taste” she said while winking at the camera.

Both of them laugh for few seconds before he started to speak again, “We went to the same elementary school but no, we never talked. Our parents know each other which in fact, they are close, which is the reason how I know her name but that’s it; I know her name, she knows mine, and that’s it, no special feelings or anything.”

He continues, “When we were in high school, we started to be friends. It’s three of us actually, me, Bob and Hannah but I still have no feelings for her. Then Bob told me that he liked her.”

“So one day,” she said, “it was few days before prom and I’m actually waiting for him,” she make an eye contact with him then continue, “to ask me to go to the prom with him but it seems like someone is not so sensitive here. Until someone calls me that day. Quickly I picked up but it turns out to be Bob, not the one that I’ve been waiting for. He asked me out to accompany him buy tux for the prom but I told him that I don’t feel like going out that day but that’s just the truth. Then he calls me for the same reason-“

“-and she says yes to me” he cut her sentence, “which is so crazy because later on that day when we were walking to the mall together, someone saw us and told Bob about it which make him upset. He called me to ask me if I have any feelings for her and I said ‘no’ because that’s the truth, then he said: ‘good, because I’m going to ask her out to the prom and I hope you won’t get in my way. Bros right?’ and I agree because I really don’t have any feelings for her at that time.”

She pinch her playfully at his stomach before continue, “After that day, he never call or text me and that broke my heart. We were in the same classroom but none of us actually talk to each other that much anymore. Only Bob, trying to be casual with me, then he asked me to the prom.”

“Not making any contact with her is so easy at first. I have basketball practice, helping my parents, everything that can make me forget that she exists. But that doesn’t last long. I started to miss talking to her and that is the time when I realize that I actually had a feelings for her.” he said.

“Later that day, he finally called me,” she nudge his arm while wink at him, “and because he doesn’t get my feeling’s hint, I told him that Bob asked me to go to the prom with him but I said no. I told him that I don’t really clicked with Bob like, we don’t really have the same interest which makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable around him especially when he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no.”

“That time when I hear that she said no to Bob, I take the chance. I told myself to. I asked her to go to the prom with me and she said yes. But that’s just prom. After that, we don’t get to see each other that much for I went to university that is outside the town while she stays there. We only get to see each other ‘sometimes’ on the weekends when I went back home and our family wants to visit her’s and that is not that often. Sometimes when I went to her house, she isn’t there and vice versa.” He take a deep breath while she is giggling beside him.

“We didn’t get to see each other until both of us works. For work, he finally went back home which is why we finally get to see each other more often like on the weekends of after works. A month later, we officially together and 4 month later is today; our wedding day.” She said.

“Some people told me that I am rushing things out and that I need to take a baby step but they just don’t get it” he hold her hand and locked his eyes on hers, “the day she said yes is the day that I know that this girl is the one that I want to build family with.”


A tear manage to escape his eyes as he look at her. Just how beautiful she is, not only today but even when she cried or wake up early in the morning.

“Hannah Trace, I am so grateful that you are here with me today, not another girl. Long distance was never easy but now we conquer it. From this beautiful day I won’t only see your just-wake-up face from Skype but I will actually wake up next to you. I love you. I love everything about you, I love your eyes I love your flaws, I will be the luckiest person on the planet earth of having a such a wonderful person like you in my life. I love you Hannah, if there is another word that can describe my feelings for you, then it will be ‘forever’.” from the second he talk until now, he never let go of her hand, neither his gaze. He keep on looking into her beautiful brown eyes until the priest told them to kiss.

All of the person in the room clap their hands and some even whistle at them. As they told everyone to eat, she pulled his arm while playfully asked him,”Too much love can kill you. You know that?”

He wrap his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him and whisper to her ears, “Yes I know. But if it means that I can be with you forever, then I’d die for you.”


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