Push You Away

When you push someone away from you, you do it cause your emotion controls you.

But when they actually leave, that is the time when you will be freaked out and regrets will crept into your life.

Well, if you were given a second chance, what will you do?

I will do my best to not do the same mistake, to hold myself and learn to accept things.

Not everyone was born to be the same with you; they are different but that differences is the exact thing that will complete each other’s flaws.

Nobody’s perfect and I will try to understand that.

I will accept them even with all of their shit.

I will try my best to catch up to things they like so that we will have a topic to talk about.


You never know why someone push others away.

It’s either because they really don’t want them to be the part of their life,

or they are too afraid that those people who they really love will hurt them so they hurt them first.




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