The Unspoken Thing

Do you know what ‘unspoken’ thing is?

Some of you might not know what this is but trust me, we all have this ‘unspoken’ thing.

Mostly the ‘unspoken’ thing appear in the form of ‘feeling’ that the mouth is unable to ‘spoke’ it out so they keep it in and thats why it become the ‘unspoken’ word.

Yes it’s kinda confusing and amusing at the same time but that’s just it.

For example you like someone. Your classmate. But you never told anyone about them (or even if you did,), he doesn’t know about this. You decided to keep this feeling for yourself because you think that it’s for the good but then you didn’t realize that this ‘unspoken’ thing can either build you or destroy you.

But once again, it’s here because of the mixed feeling of scared, shy and mostly low self esteem.

You chose to hurt yourself because you didn’t want other to see the other side of you which you keep from the world.

But at some point, you need to let go of it.

You finally tell your friend but not to him.

Until he leave and you never get the chance to be honest.

and that is your mistake.

Your mistake that you will bring until the end of your life.

The feelings might be gone by then but the burden is still there.

That what make the ‘unspoken’ thing, the unspoken thing.


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